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I am currently working with several schools to put together an offer relevant to Key Stages One and Two children to support their learning and the curriculum delivered to them. Watch this page for more information. Themes under discussion include:

Life 100 Years Ago

A brief look at work, home life, school, clothes, etc from around 100 years ago.

Famous Folk of Stoke

Choose from the following sessions:

  • Legends of the Past – e.g. Capt Smith, Arnold Bennett

  • Famous Potters – e.g. Josiah Wedgwood, William Moorcroft

  • Great Entertainers – e.g. Lemmy, Gertie Gitana,

  • Sporting Heroes – e.g. Sir Stanley Matthews, Tut Whalley

  • Inspirational Contemporaries – e.g. Emma Bridgewater, Robbie Williams

Famous Folk of Staffordshire

Choose from the following sessions:

  • Legends of the Past (includes some notable potters) – e.g. Henry Faulds, Philip Astley

  • Great Entertainers – e.g. Jackie Trent, Paddy Considine

  • Sporting Heroes – e.g. Dominic Cork, Eddie Hall

  • Inspirational Contemporaries – e.g. Lee Pearson, Lev Wood

'Kath visited our primary school in September 2015 and delivered a talk about life 100 years ago to a group of 70 Year 2 children.


Kath was very knowledgeable during her talk and the children were engaged throughout. They thoroughly enjoyed learning about life in the past and were amazed at what newspaper used to be used for! They were also excited to learn all about the snail! Kath's rapport with the children was excellent and we would definitely welcome her back next year.


Thank you Kath for an informative and interesting session.'


Emma Morris

Sutherland Primary Academy, Blurton

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