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I have been delivering talks to groups for almost 30 years.

In that time I have talked to thousands of people from all manner of groups; including Women’s Institutes, Townswomen’s Guilds, U3A, Heritage Groups, Garden Guilds, Faith Groups, Probus and Rotary Clubs… with the occasional golf club and tractor society too!


The talks I present are a reflection of my interest in people and in social history within living memory. I regard myself as a collector and sharer of stories. To this end, most of my talks are interactive, I add a personal touch to each one from the stories I collect along the way!

Famous Folk of Staffordshire

A celebration of the most inspirational Staffordshire folks; from Philip Astley and his circus to Shane Meadows and his films - enjoy a whistle-stop trip around this great creative county.

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Duration: Approx. one hour

Famous Folk of Stoke

A celebration of the great sons and daughters of the Stoke-on-Trent area and the contributions they have made to local, regional, national and international history. We will look at the famous potters, entertainers, sports stars and those folk who intrigue and inspire us.

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Duration: One session (approx. 75 mins) or two shorter sessions (approx. 45 mins each)


'I am writing to say how much our Group and supporters enjoyed your recent talks, Famous Folk of Stoke and Goose Grease and Brown Paper.We found these talks eminently suitable for a mixed audience and would recommend them to any similar group of people.We would like you to visit our library again in the near future!'


John Hadley

Chairman, Friends of Talke Library

Food Glorious Food

An interactive PowerPoint presentation looking at the advent, and impact, of convenience foods in our diet. From fish fingers to Angel Delight, Camp coffee to Chianti in a basket, Spam to salmon paste - all the things we have loved... and some of those we have hated!

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Duration: Approx. one hour

'Thank you for coming to our meeting and entertaining us with your brilliant presentation “Food Glorious Food”. All our members enjoyed it and I’ve given your number to lots of other groups. Several people have already asked me to book you again!'


Audrey Green

Uttoxeter Friendship Group

Goose Grease and Brown Paper

Can we afford the doctor? Of course not!  A fun trip down memory lane to pre-NHS days and the kitchen cupboard remedies inflicted by our nearest and dearest! Honey, salt, onions, mustard...not to forget the snails, urine, string and cow muck!  Recollect your granny’s favourite cures...or were they tortures?


This talk has been the source for the stories collected and shared in my book “Kitchen Cupboard Cures”.

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Duration: Approx. one hour

'I approached Kath to come to our meeting in February 2016 and asked her to give one of her talks “Goose Grease and Brown Paper”.  It was fantastic and the group of 25 ladies thoroughly enjoyed her presentation, the only regret I had was that we had not allowed enough time for Kath to share her vast knowledge on the subject.


I can honestly say that any group who has the pleasure of one of Kath’s many talks from her vast repertoire will not be disappointed and I am sure she will be returning in the not too distant future to again give us an entertaining evening.'

Sandra Brownsword

Longton Police Wives’ Association.

Gymslips and Chalkboards

An interactive schooldays reminiscence session recalling the highlights of the "best days of our lives" - uniforms, books and poems, times tables, inkwells...and playtime! We may even have a quick look at discipline…

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Duration: Approx. one hour

Make Do and Mend

Recycling was always a way of life...share your top tips and recipes. Reminisce about eating chitterlings, pig's trotters, tripe...and, for afters, a deluxe vanilla slice! Don't forget to save a bit of beetroot to touch up your lipstick and a banana skin to polish your shoes.

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Duration: Approx. 45 mins

Monday is Washday

An interactive reminiscence session on the theme of doing the washing. Take a step back in time and recall the sweat (and tears) of washdays in the early-mid 20th Century. The drudgery of the dolly tub to the glamour of your first electric washing machine and fond remembrances of the glorious twin tub. 

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Duration: Approx. 50 mins

'Monday is Washday is of great interest to all ages, both those who experienced or can remember the hard manual work that washday demanded and those who have only ever known modern washing machines. With Kath's engaging delivery and the relevant items that she displays and passes around, this session really comes to life. A recent history of everyday folk at its best.'


Wendy Sandbrook

Werrington Library Volunteers

Seaside Trip

It might have been a charabanc or coach trip…some may even have gone by train – a trip to the seaside would always have been memorable with deck chairs, donkey rides and fish and chips for tea.

Bring along your favourite seaside photo or memento from days gone by! 

Format: PowerPoint presentation with shells, beach balls, buckets and spades

Duration: Approx. one hour

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

Christmas time! A look back at some of our Christmas traditions, celebrations, food and favourite toys! Enjoy a few carols and a look at the films we've watched during the festive season.

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Duration: Approx. one hour

To Love and to Cherish

A celebration of our wedding traditions and superstitions. A quick look at weddings dresses from the 40's through to the 70's and at some of the dresses and traditions of other faiths/cultures. A peek too at some of the weddings of the rich and famous…including Lady Di's crumpled frock!                            


Bring along your wedding photos...or better still your dress!

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Duration: Approx. one hour

Watching with Mother

Children's TV favourites from the 1950's -1970's. Remembering Muffin the Mule and Andy Pandy, listening to some of the classic theme tunes including Black Beauty and Blue Peter. If it's Friday and it's five to five, then it must be....? 

Format: PowerPoint presentation

Duration: Approx. one hour

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