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My great passion is reminiscence. Living memory, social history as shared by older people who experienced the drudgery of washday, the delight of grandma’s home remedies, the glamour of a “make do and mend” wardrobe and the horror of school discipline!

'Kath Reynolds is an absolute legend. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed her Goose Grease and Brown Paper talks at our events. Hope to see you more in the future!'


Kelly Smith

Vintage Volunteers

'What a pleasure to take part in your presentation. You plainly know your subject, are enthusiastic about it and have the ability to entrance your audience by engaging it in feedback & repartee. I wish that more of our speakers were of your calibre.'


CSMA Shropshire Group


Kitchen Cupboard Cures is a collection of the creative remedies and gory stories I have collected over the years of presenting a talk called Goose Grease and Brown Paper. Available to buy!

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